eCommerce is one of the most fastest growing industry in Bangladesh. The article depicts following 5 most important ecommerce trends in 2018 that might shape this new emerging online shopping sector.

360 Degree Marketing

360 degree marketing campaign is an effort to reach consumers no matter where they are through social media, newspaper, television, radio, offline marketing etc. A 360 campaign covers the entire buying cycle, from discovery to purchase to repeat customer. Every medium will be utilized – television, mobile, digital and social – in an integrated, consistent marketing and branding strategy.

eCommerce sector in Bangladesh

We know the ecommerce sector in Bangladesh is heavily depends on Facebook marketing. Though there are plenty of opportunities to spread out brand and products through other mediums. Since the competition in selling products online is becoming very high, the ecommerce owners must find alternatives.

Delivery and Logistics

By the end of the year 2017, there are number of delivery and logistic service provider emerged in the country to provide ecommerce product delivery and relevant logistic services. This trend might continue in this year since the demand sides are increasing significantly. Same-day delivery is becoming an expectation.

4G Internet and Mobile Commerce

4G internet is going to be launched soon in Bangladesh. Speed and performance of mobile internet will be faster and smoother which will also enhance the shopping experience by retailers in their smartphones. To meet this increasing demand, the use of Android and iPhone Apps for online shopping will be increased simultaneously. A research says, an estimated $600 million in mobile commerce are predicted for 2018 worldwide, and that 40 percent of all ecommerce revenue will come from mobile over the next year.

Better Product Photography and Videos

Do you know the importance of original photography and videos for marketing and branding? This will remain a challenge for especially Facebook based small online shopping owners. However, many eCommerce leaders already have started to discover how stock photos and videos can immediately cheapen their brand. Original photo and video and the quality of these type of contents are very important for increasing the search engine visibility and to ensure the maximum return of paid campaign in Facebook or other digital platforms.

Competition, Competition, Competition…

More than ten thousand fCommerce and one thousand eCommerce are operating online shopping business in the country and more counting. There are also some big domestic investors and international giants are planning so far to enter into this emerging market.