Choosing the right and best web design company is very important to start or establish your business. If you are looking for hiring a team from Dhaka or across the country or even outsource worldwide, there are some issues along with technical know-how. It is a multidisciplinary task comprising concept design, code, graphics, marketing, search engine optimization, copyright, global trends etc. Here are some tips for choosing the best web design and development company:


Design, development, marketing and content writing are actually a part of the whole process. Keep in mind that your business website is not either a pretty digital brochure with logo or only a communication tool. Hence, you should look for a great team work instead of individual’s effort to establish your business by inspiring people through the website to sell products and services or join a cause, make partnership etc.


A web design and development company with a good track record is another important thing. Someone can talk with company’s previous client or do some online research to justify a good track record.


Cost is definitely a deal maker or deal breaker. You can easily do cost-benefit analysis by consulting with more than one firm and collecting quotation from them. However it is not wise always to look for a cheaper rate which may be the reason of worst quality and services. At the same time be aware about such company who will charge you Best-web-design-company-in-Dhakafrequently even for making a minor tweak.


Some web design and development companies may charge large amount of money for only to give advice on what you need for your website and how to get it off the ground. It may include the following things:

  • Domain name selection and registration
  • Selection of hosting service provider and package
  • Dynamic or static? Which CMS will be suitable and easy to customize?
  • Website layout
  • Ecommerce implications and payment method solutions
  • Social media integration

Consultation about these type of questions is not usually time consuming. Some web design and development companies are highly experienced and offer free consultation. There is simply no reason to spend money while you get this type of basic consultation for free.


Every great website is a work in progress. There is no such thing as a finished product in this space. When working with a web design and development company, you want to be sure that they will be accountable and easy to work with. While the companies are often working with multiple clients at once, make sure that when you need time with them, they can give it to you.