M Dot Media is an emerging enterprise delivering most creative digital media services. From idea generating to implementing, marketing and way of making profit, we string all stuffs together for digital media marketing, online newspaper, blog or any media in digital form. We are trusted by hundreds of organizations and individuals for bringing custom-made solutions of digital media mastering and other creative services. We also give consultancy/advisory services regarding your need of establishing a business crafting creativity. Our service delivery design essentially integrates some basics of developing creative solutions: idea generation followed by preparatory planning, solution designing, development, marketing and execution. Above all, our pursuit for optimum client satisfaction by means of achieving the best of results is a consistent part for creating long term partnership.


Increase productivity through the application of innovative ideas in ensuring state-of-the-art quality of services and create new spaces for new possibilities. Achieve institutional capacity to reach essential and other services to people irrespective of their class, creed and socio-economic situation, the marginalised communities in particular.


Ensure delivery of easy, beautiful and creative digital media services in country and abroad equipped with the rooted value and attitude of giving the best service only after having a clear and sure understanding of the need of the client organisation/individual.


We are pledged to

  • Ensure honesty, transparency and accountability in all our dealings relating to our professional services
  • Ensure timely completion of the projects we have been entrusted with
  • Ensure optimum quality of our services for relatively economy budgets in a heavily competitive market



Ensure honesty, transparency and accountability in all our dealings. Be respectful about every opinion, feedback and reaction regarding all professional services.


Remain sincere and honest about learning equally from both mistakes and achievements. Passionately play with technology for social and economic development.


Work hard with an intensive drive for innovative solutions and nourish respectful attitude towards ingenuous minds and ideas.


Communicability of creative solutions includes the dimensions of its usability for our clients. For all services, much labour, merit and time need to be invested at all stages of the work including design, development and marketing. Once the final output is ready, we put adequate effort in place to present it in a communicable language in a communicable manner that builds confidence in the client for whom it has been created.


Help people to be at their best by providing the services they are in need and helping them feel valued and appreciated.