Creative Design

Need fresh juicy combining art and creative design? From big ideas with big attitude, M Dot Media produces impressive creative works. Increase your brand awareness with an attention-grabbing and lively graphic and illustration.

We are ready to create a personalized and unique design that will capture your target audience’s imagination. Surely, our creative works can help you stand out from the competition when they’re still relying on stock photography and designs.

Why Us?

  • We don’t stop designing until you’re 100% satisfied with the final outputs. We have the skills to bring your company’s designs to life, and you can start developing a new, memorable brand image.

  • We offer a lot of flexibility and provide many concepts and revisions on the project to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final results

  • We are a small but passionate and have helped a very wide range of businesses around the country, from very small startups, to large organizations.

  • Most competitive pricing rate. Special discounts are available for long term contract.


Creative brief: A creative or design brief is the most important part of the design process. It is the document on which the ultimate outcome is based on.
Research & paperwork: To know the client’s requirements and their business nature through a small research is very important. Then we start off by sketching your ideas on paper.
Design on computer: Once we are done with groundwork, then start designing on the computer.
Feedback: We are flexible and accept feedback then revise it until the satisfaction.


Rupangi Bangla logo2018-03-17T12:26:30+00:00
Reliance Universal School logo2018-03-17T12:11:16+00:00
S Anam enterprise logo2018-03-17T12:08:27+00:00
Xtrim Logo2018-03-17T12:06:27+00:00
Rangtuli logo2018-03-17T12:03:40+00:00
Calendar design for reliance academy2018-03-17T12:01:21+00:00
Mog design for reunion event2018-03-17T11:51:19+00:00
Motor Blaze logo2018-03-17T11:46:53+00:00
Ad design for Dewan Motors2018-03-17T11:43:59+00:00
Reunion event logo2018-03-17T11:41:14+00:00
Jatiyo Nattotsob 2016 event logo2018-03-17T11:38:55+00:00
Boga Lake event logo2018-03-17T11:36:16+00:00
SRS logo2018-03-17T11:27:24+00:00
Calendar design 20172018-03-17T12:27:47+00:00
Boishakh logo2018-03-17T11:20:00+00:00
Bioscope poster2018-03-17T11:17:40+00:00
Bioscope logo2018-03-17T11:14:17+00:00
Banner design for Reliance Universal School2018-03-17T11:11:38+00:00
Palki Logo2018-03-17T10:51:12+00:00
Book cover design- ‘Akash’ by Apu Rozario2018-03-13T08:10:28+00:00
Digital painting2018-03-13T07:55:13+00:00
Portrait painting2018-03-13T07:39:46+00:00
Product design – Lentils2018-03-13T07:41:48+00:00
Product design – Puffed Rice2018-03-13T07:45:17+00:00
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