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Want to start eCommerce business? You are in the right place for one stop eCommerce solutions in Bangladesh. Whether you are planning to start eCommerce business and need to set up strategy, develop a business platform, looking for expert digital marketing agency or simply need a trusted partner for guiding you to achieve the business goals; we are here for giving you a complete solutions.

The solutions we provide are scalable, persistent and specially designed in accordance with the trends of our country’s online marketplaces. No need to hire a Facebook advertiser, designer, product photographer or developer.

Why Us?

  • One stop solution means you will get all services at one place related to eCommerce from planning to develop eCommerce website, Facebook marketing and other digital marketing, product photography, customer management solutions (CRM software) etc.

  • We know the practical scenario of country’s online marketplaces rather than the skills of just develop a website or do digital marketing.
  • Most competitive pricing rate
  • Maximum support for all clients, satisfaction guaranteed

Business Strategy

More than ten thousand fCommerce and one thousand eCommerce website are now operating online shopping business in Bangladesh. So without setting up specific business plan and strategy, it’s really very hard to sell products by creating only a Facebook page and boosting posts. So establishing a business model is very important. Let’s check some basic questions.

  • Who will be your target customer? Make sure you know your market.
  • Will it be a B2B, B2C business or both?
  • What resources and expertise you have?
  • What steps you can take to integrate the entire shopping experience?

Platform Development

After setting up a business plan now you can concentrate to develop different platforms for selling your products. Keep in mind that online marketplaces are much faster and smart than traditional market. Here you need to know about traditional market and different technological tools and techniques also. Don’t think only Facebook marketing can do everything. Our integrated eCommerce services will help you from choosing a business name to buy domain, website development, product presentation, content marketing, SEO, web analytics and use of other technologies.

Digital Marketing

Online and eCommerce businesses are crucially depend on digital marketing. Though Facebook marketing plays a key role especially in our country, however for reaching wider audience and market sustainability, one should go with other digital marketing tools also. M Dot Media is a digital marketing agency in Bangladesh to help organizations and individuals to mark their bold presence on digital media for gaining the market advantage.

Special discounts are available for all services
? eCommerce business plan and strategy set up
? Platform set up, eCommerce website design and development
? Ensure social media presence and page management
? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure the bold presence of your business on Google and other Search Engines
? Facebook advertising and other digital marketing
? Free consultancy about product selection, import, purchase and delivery.
? Free analytical report for better understanding of business trends, customers’ behavior, eCommerce market tendency etc.
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M Dot Media is simple and effective!

We are simple on the surface, powerful under the hood, providing effective digital media solutions for business that can double your profits.
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