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M Dot Media provides media intelligence solutions from monitoring to analysis and social media listening service in Bangladesh. Our world-class media monitoring service covers both traditional and digital media in national and local level in the country.

It’s very important for an organization to track their story across all media platforms including newspapers, blogs, magazines, Facebook, Twitter etc. Moreover, one should pay attention to any of their negative story and mention on the traditional or social media. We provide all these services efficiently. Keep your eyes on our media digest and monitoring report to know what people are saying about your business and service.

Why Us?

  • It’s not just media links sharing system. We provide comprehensive media analysis that reveals the insights of your coverage and let you know who is paying attention to your story and what is it worth?

  • We present complex media data in graphic form including charts, maps, infographic etc. so that one can easily get highlighted information without going details.

  • Most competitive pricing rate. Special discounts are available for long term contract.

  • Excellent customer support for our all valued clients, satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Services

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M Dot Media is simple and effective!

We are simple on the surface, powerful under the hood, providing effective digital media solutions for business that can double your profits.
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? Finding what you need has never been easier. We made this hard thing easier. You will get exactly what you want from media from us.
? Increase the visibility and control your brand reputation in the media.
? Monitoring of what your competitors are doing is very important.
? Pay attention to negative feedback surrounding your products and services. It’s important to avoid escalation of disputes.
? To measure the effectiveness of communications and your business strategy.
? Identifying and understanding trends and customers’ behavior.
? Both traditional media and social media have become major form of business intelligence now a days through media analytics and insights for decision making more efficiently.