Social media is now very popular term to use in Bangladesh and around the world as well. People are chatting, sharing their status and making friendship etc. on that platforms. On the other hand, few are selling their products or services through these platforms since now a days, it becomes very easy to reach target people through these platforms. You may have an ID of every social channel and very active with all of these media. You may mange your company page by yourself if you have enough time for it. However, managing a page or multiple pages very professionally across different platforms can feel like a hassle and one that can seem difficult to track just how profitable your time and energy spent really is. Here we can suggest few ways to run smoothly your pages and increase selling your products or services.

  • There are some tools exist to integrate all of your social networking profiles into one dashboard if you are ready to spend money for it.
  • You can hire a social media marketing specialist and develop a team who can manage all your social networks and keep you tension free.
  • For small-medium businesses, hiring a social media marketing firm nearest to you, can be the best choice to save money, at a time selling products and services.

HootSuite works to conglomerate all of your social media accounts (All the major players are included, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Myspace, LinkedIn, and more you might not even be aware of) into one clean and functional user interface. Users can make updates with multiple accounts simultaneously, generate scheduled tweets, and create lists of leads to allow your business to ensure it is doing whatever it can to turn potential clients into clients.

In addition to making social media quick and convenient, HootSuite can also become your company’s most effective PR tool. HootSuite allows you to set up columns about a topic of your choice where people can express any thoughts or potential concerns, and, more importantly, allows your business to respond quickly and effectively. If a Social Media has never been easierclient ever expresses a negative or neutral experience with your company, this medium gives you the chance to turn it into a positive one. Not only can HootSuite prevent bad press before it starts, but it provides the opportunity to find out what people are saying about your business, and make improvements accordingly.

While convenient updating and efficacious monitoring are both compelling reasons to try out HootSuite, perhaps the most beneficial (and, compared to similar programs, unique) reason to use it lies in its analytics platform. HootSuite provides easy access to click-through stats to all links (and a handy link-shortener), letting you see how many users access your links and track them geographically. Over 30 goal-specific report templates exist, giving your business options to monitor and understand exactly what social media is doing for you and your business through its helpful statistics. HootSuite also includes integration of both Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, giving you the immense marketing power of both of these programs in a single web-app. In case you are not familiar with these programs, the advantages of using them are tremendous – we highly encourage you to research them further.

Small and large businesses looking to establish their brand and expand their social media presence should look no further than HootSuite. Online marketing is not a new strategy, nor is it one that is likely to decline in volume or importance, but updating and managing as many social media accounts as you would like has never been easier. The included analytic tools are extensive and easy to use, because, at the end of the day, return on investment is important to your company, and HootSuite lets you see what your social media campaign is doing for you and identify how to improve.

With both a Basic (free) version, and a 30-day trial (with no commitment to continue or term-length commitments) on the Pro version, there is no risk or harm in checking HootSuite out to see what it can do for you and your business. But, we are willing to bet that if it works for companies like McDonald’s, Pepsico, Telus, Sony Music, Dell, and countless more, it will work for you, too.