Social Media Marketing (SMM) can help people spread the word about their products and services through social channels. It doesn’t mean to just gain followers rather it shares your brand identity which increases traffic to your site, in turn generating new potential customers and referrals.

We provide social media marketing services in different forms:

  • Social media accounts creation
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Manage and update social profiles
  • Commercial advertising
  • Social media application development
  • Graphics and content development
  • Follower/fan monitoring
  • Report analysis


Do you possess an expert to run your own campaigns, but need some guidance? We offer consulting services for social media marketing campaigns. Although most people know very well how to use social networks but using these networks strategically for marketing campaigns require a whole lot more than setting up a Facebook or Twitter page. We can help you with market research, goal development, set up and customization of accounts, engagement strategies, account management and much more.


We know that you can maintain your own social media accounts, meanwhile, we understand that this can be difficult and highly time-consuming for some organizations. Recognizing this, many businesses are now hiring their own internal social media marketing partner to keep their online presence up to date. Aid Webs can get the ball rolling by helping you to maintain your social media accounts.