The power of hashtag in digital media marketing

//The power of hashtag in digital media marketing

The power of hashtag in digital media marketing

The power of hashtag has taken the digital media marketing by storm, leaving many competitors left behind in digital world. Hashtag is now integrated in much of what we share and interact each other on social media and improving the marketing value and productivity.

From small business to multinational company, all of them should have great digital media engagement and share update frequently to build fans and followers. We are sure all of you include hashtags with your post updates. If not, you are missing out on tremendous exposure.

The power of hashtags

  • Hashtags (#) connect unique communities worldwide.
  • Hashtags are universal. Anyone on the digital media can view and explore it.power-of-hashtag-in-digital-media-marketing
  • It can help drive brand recognition and positively impact customer loyalty.
  • Hashtags create engagement. Anyone who clicks a hashtag can see also your hashtag, your profile and you. Your influence extends outside the boundaries of your own followers.
  • Tweets with hashtags get two times more clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies than tweets without hashtags.
  • Google plus hashtags can give you double the engagement power.
  • Hashtags are an opportunity. In spite of their proven ability to attract greater engagement, only 24% of all tweets contain hashtags.

Best use of hashtags

You can use hashtags in most popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram. However, hashtag power is limited on popular video sharing channel YouTube. Most engagement happens in comment treads of that channel. In order to maximize the potential of this digital media tool, below are some best practices to follow.

  • Don’t use more than 2 hashtags in each post. 1 or 2 hashtags should be ok on most social media platforms. Otherwise, you will start to lose engagement.
  • Choose just one hashtag to speak for your brand and strengthen consumer awareness.
  • Create unique hashtags to identify your brand and include these to your bio.
  • Stay consistent by using the same hashtags to identify your brand across all media platforms.
  • Be strategic and use search engine friendly keywords.
  • Do some keyword research to join in on trending conversations and use appropriate hashtags.

By the way…

Hashtags are simple and explosive way to increase your engagement as digital marketing tools only if you can use them properly.

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