Aid Webs offers great web experience in collaboration with our design team to suffice your needs, both for quality and service. Our expert web developers care about fulfilling the customers’ needs even after delivering the project. We are empowering the individuals, teams and organizations with the business potential hidden in the web world.



  • Simple, dynamic, micro website
  • Home page
  • Single layout
  • Maximum 5 pages
  • Single contact form


  • Dynamic template based website
  • Home page, some features
  • Single layout, slider
  • Maximum 10 pages
  • Single contact form


  • Attractive template
  • Home page, some features
  • Double layout with slider
  • Max. 30 pages, blogging features
  • Single contact form


  • Most comprehensive, responsive site
  • Home page, required features
  • Multiple layout with slider
  • Unlimited pages, attractive blogging features
  • Single contact form


Already have a design or an existing site that you want to maintain and update? Modern CMS is not very difficult to maintain and update. However, one can hire web professional to keep their website clean and updated. The service also includes tracking your website and visitors through Google Analytics. It can certainly consume time and also can minimize the risk. Aid Webs can take cares of your website to keep it up to dated and maintained.

Website Maintenance Package includes:

  • Monthly/weekly website database backup
  • Monthly/weekly backup of all website files
  • Check quarterly for theme and plugins update
  • Track website visitors through Google Analytics
  • Submit Monthly Report

*Pricing depends on number of pages and content and work volume